Abbey of Kervennec
Abbey of Kervennec

Welcome to the Abbey!

Hi, I’m Jean Moreau and I welcome you to the Abbey of Kervennec. Tour our site and see what our thirty-eight monks are up to.  Expect the unexpected!  Check out our Food for Thought and Events pages, and let us know if you would like updates from the abbey at Contact Us.

More About Us

It seems that visitors from every nation and every walk of life make some time to come and discover what we are all about.  I love that and hope that if you haven’t tried a visit to an abbey or monastery wherever you are, that you make plans to do so soon.  We’re not sourpusses…and we’re certainly not boring.  If you’ve read my book, A Monk’s Way, you’ll discover that quickly!

Thanks again for your support.

+Jean Moreau

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